Pairing & Compatibility

  • > Does ConnectClip work with all Oticon hearing aids?

    If your hearing aids support Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, then they will be compatible with ConnectClip. Ask your hearing care professional if you need help finding out.

  • > Which firmware version do my hearing aids need to work with ConnectClip?

    Oticon Opn hearing aids require firmware version 5.0 or later. All other hearing aids that support Bluetooth Low Energy technology will work with ConnectClip regardless of their firmware version.

  • > How many hearing aids can ConnectClip be paired to? 

    One hearing aid (in a monaural fitting) or a set of hearing aids (in a binaural fitting) can be paired with ConnectClip.

  • > How many Bluetooth devices can ConnectClip be paired to?

    ConnectClip can be paired to a maximum of eight Bluetooth devices.

  • > Is ConnectClip compatible with iPhone®/iPad® and Android™ devices?

    Yes, ConnectClip is compatible with most mobile and tablet devices using Bluetooth 2.1 or higher, regardless of the brand or operating system.

  • > Can I use ConnectClip with my computer?

    Yes, ConnectClip can be used with any computer.

    If your computer supports Bluetooth, you can pair ConnectClip directly with your machine and you will then be able to stream sound into your ears from the computer through ConnectClip. With ConnectClip you can also stream your voice back to the computer when making video or voice calls.

    If your computer does not support Bluetooth - or if you are experiencing connection issues - you should use a Bluetooth dongle (such as BTD 800 USB) to pair ConnectClip to your computer.

  • > Does ConnectClip work with the Oticon TV Adapter?

    No, ConnectClip does not work with Oticon TV Adapter but Oticon TV Adapter can be paired directly to your hearing aids and connected to your TV. You can then stream your TV sound to your hearing aids without using ConnectClip.

  • > Does ConnectClip work with the Oticon Phone Adapter 2.0?

    Yes, with Oticon Phone Adapter 2.0, ConnectClip provides you with the option to wirelessly stream phone calls from your landline to your hearing aids.

  • Does ConnectClip work with ConnectLine products?

    ConnectClip is not compatible with ConnectLine products, except for Oticon Phone Adapter 2.0.

  • In which order should I pair my devices to ConnectClip?

    We recommend that you first pair your hearing aids with ConnectClip. Then pair ConnectClip with other Bluetooth devices, such as your mobile phone or computer.

  • How do I know that my hearing aids have been successfully paired with ConnectClip?

    When a successful connection is established between ConnectClip and a set of hearing aids, a solid yellow status LED light will appear on ConnectClip.

  • If one set of hearing aids is already paired to ConnectClip, how can I pair a new set?

    You can only pair one set of hearing aids at one time (monaural or a binaural pair). To pair a new set of hearing aids to ConnectClip, you need to pair the new set in the same way you paired the existing set of hearing aids. This process will delete the previous pairing.