How to use the Oticon Companion app

Our simple instructions will help you use the Oticon Companion app for phones and tablets, so you can get the most from your hearing aids.

Download the Oticon Companion app here.


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Time to switch apps!
The Oticon ON app will soon no longer be available. But the Oticon Companion app is ready with the latest features and updates.

For the best performance, please uninstall Oticon ON after downloading Oticon Companion.

Your fitting and programs are safe and secure
No need to worry. Upgrading your app does not affect your fitting settings and programs, since they are stored in your hearing aid, not in the app.

Your hearing aids may need a firmware upgrade to work with the Oticon Companion app
Oticon Opn hearing aids with a firmware lower than 6.0 will need to be firmware upgraded to be able to connect to Oticon Companion app.

Disclaimer: some features are hearing aid model specific
If you are unable to see certain features in your Oticon Companion app, that is because some functionality is only available for specific models and firmware versions:

  • Sound equalizer, HearingFitness, and Remember volume settings are only available with Oticon Real hearing aids.
  • To use Sound equalizer and Remember volume settings with Oticon Real hearing aids, you will need firmware 1.1.0 – please contact your hearing care professional to get the latest firmware update.

Starting to use the Oticon Companion app

Pair your hearing aids with your phone or device

Once you have downloaded the Oticon Companion app, you need to pair your hearing aids with your phone or device.

Learn to pair your hearing aids with your phone and more

Connect the app to your hearing aids

Open the Oticon Companion app on your phone or tablet, then tap Connect hearing aids.

If the app can’t connect to your hearing aids, restart your hearing aids.

Then tap Connect again.

How to turn your hearing aids on and off

Controlling your hearing aids’ sound

Adjusting the hearing aid volume

Tap the Sound icon at the bottom left of your screen (on the tab bar) to access volume and mute controls.

You can change the volume in both hearing aids at the same time or in each hearing aid independently.


Changing listening programs for different situations

You can switch between programs that are dedicated to different situations.

Your hearing care professional can make up to four different listening programs including Tinnitus SoundSupport™. Additional programs may be available for TV Adapter, EduMic and ConnectClip.


Customising your hearing aids’ sound

Adjust surrounding sounds with Sound equalizer*

Sound equalizer balances the pitch of the surrounding sounds you hear through your hearing aids.

*Sound equalizer, HearingFitness, and Remember volume settings are only available with Oticon Real hearing aids.

Reduce background noise with SpeechBooster

To help you focus on speech when you’re in noisy environments, SpeechBooster can suppress non-speech sound sources from the sides and behind you.

Tap the Sound icon at the bottom left of your screen (on the tab bar) to access sound controls.
Tap the SpeechBooster icon at the bottom right of your screen to bring up the SpeechBooster text.
Toggle the switch to turn SpeechBooster on or off.

The feature is deactivated when you change programs, open the battery drawer/place the hearing aids in the charger.

Streaming music and audio

How to stream sound to your hearing aids

Once paired, the music or audio you play on your mobile device will automatically be played in your hearing aids. To stop the music or audio playing in your hearing aids, simply stop it on your device.

More about listening to music and audio with hearing aids

Fine-tune music and audio while streaming

When you stream any music or audio to your hearing aids from a device such as your phone, TV Adapter or ConnectClip, you can use the Streaming equalizer to adjust the sound being streamed.


How to enable hands-free phone calls

Our most recent hearing aids can make and receive hands-free calls when paired directly with an iPhone or iPad. To have hands-free calls via other devices, or with older Oticon hearing aids, you need to use an Oticon ConnectClip accessory, which temporarily makes your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset.

See our compatibility guide for more information

Making and answering hands-free phone calls

Once paired with your phone or ConnectClip, you simply use your device in the normal way to make or receive a call. The call will be automatically routed to your hearing aids. To answer incoming calls to your iPhone or iPad, you can also briefly press the button on your hearing aids.

See our guide to having hands-free calls

How to use your iPhone or iPad as a remote microphone

This functionality lets you use an iOS device as a remote microphone, so you can place your device near a person speaking across a room and the sound is streamed to your hearing aids.

Tap the Sound icon at the bottom left of your screen (on the tab bar) to access sound controls.

Tap the three dots to bring up more options.

Tap the microphone icon to bring up the remote microphone text and then toggle the remote microphone capability on or off.

How to connect to Apple Watch

With Apple Watch, you can control the volume, change program, mute or unmute the hearing aids, turn Speech Booster on or off, turn the remote microphone off, and check the battery levels.

Quick guide for Oticon Companion app on Apple Watch

Settings and useful features

Build good hearing habits with HearingFitness™*

The HearingFitness feature helps you set goals such as how many hours you wear your hearing aids each day. This is especially useful if you are new to hearing aids, because it helps you get off to a good start.

*Sound equalizer, HearingFitness, and Remember volume settings are only available with Oticon Real hearing aids.

Use Oticon RemoteCare to meet your hearing care professional

Built into the Oticon Companion app is a feature that enables you to meet your hearing care professional online, through the app. This is called Oticon RemoteCare. It allows you to meet and have your hearing aids adjusted over the Internet, without always having to travel to their hearing centre.

How to use Oticon RemoteCare

How to find your battery level

To see how much charge your hearing aid batteries have left, tap the hearing aid icon at the bottom of your screen. Your battery level will be displayed at the top of your screen.

If you want to receive notifications about your remaining battery level, tap Hearing aid settings, and then tap Battery notification settings to select which notifications you want.

How to check for updates to your hearing aid firmware

First, ensure your hearing aids are paired with your mobile device. Then tap the hearing aid icon at the bottom of your screen, followed by Hearing aid updates.

If an update is available simply follow the instructions in the app. It will guide you through each step.

How to use Find my hearing aids

The Find my hearing aids feature shows you where your hearing aids are, should you lose them. To use it, tap the hearing aid icon at the bottom of your screen and then tap Find my hearing aids.


See our compatibility guide

Need more help

Try the troubleshooting section in the Oticon Companion app


Get more detailed instructions for the Oticon Companion app.

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