The effect of the revolutionary OpenSound Optimizer™

OpenSound Optimizer analyses amplified sound at an astonishing 56,000 times/sec so it can detect and prevent audible feedback proactively, even before it occurs. This enables you to fit users with up to 6 dB more gain, in an open fitting – without the risk of feedback.*


*For prescribed fittings, according to best practice

96% of users prefer new Oticon Opn S over Oticon Opn

When preferring Oticon Opn S, users chose speech intelligibility and sound quality as the crucial reasons. There are several good reasons why Oticon Opn S with OpenSound Optimizer is a hearing aid for everyone:

• Traditional hearing aids reduce gain up to 50% of the day
• Oticon Opn S offers optimal gain and sound quality throughout the day
• Oticon Opn S eliminates audible feedback in static and dynamic environments

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From feedback management to feedback prevention

The new ultra-fast detectors and breaker signal in OpenSound Optimizer prevents feedback from occurring.*

1. Hearing aid without feedback management
No anti-feedback system, no detectors: Audible and uncomfortable feedback rises and persists, dramatically reducing speech understanding.

2. Traditional anti-feedback with slow detectors
With this reactive technology, feedback rises and becomes audible. Utilizing gain reduction and other measures, the hearing aid slowly returns to stability. Audibility, sound quality and speech understanding are compromised.

3. Hearing aid with OpenSound Optimizer
With ultra-fast detectors feedback risk is identified and breaker signal is instantly engaged in risk areas – before sound quality is affected – preserving audibility and speech. As the feedback risk decreases, breaker signal is seamlessly deactivated, with preserved audibility and speech.


*Callaway 2019, Oticon Whitepaper

OpenSound Optimizer delivers up to 30% more speech cues to the brain

By offering the possibility to amplify speech with up to 6 additional dB, in an open fitting, Oticon Opn S can provide the brain with up to 30% more speech cues.*


* Callaway 2019, Oticon whitepaper

Powered by the new Velox S™ platform

The brand-new Velox S platform unleashes the full potential of the open sound paradigm. The fastest and most advanced platform we have ever developed offers unprecedented computation power to create a life-changing difference to users.

  • Increased memory enables groundbreaking improvements to the Velox platform
  • New detectors monitor changes in the acoustic environment with 56,000 measurements per second, enabling the OpenSound Optimizer
  • New signal processing algorithms for proactive feedback prevention
  • New automatics drive the updated OpenSound Navigator™
  • Designed for optimized rechargeable battery performance
  • Oticon Opn S breaks a law of physics

    Fuelled by the new, advanced Velox S platform, Oticon Opn S takes the open sound experience and unique benefits of BrainHearing™ to new grounds.

  • Oticon Opn Play™ redefines child-friendly hearing care

    Oticon Opn Play represents a whole new way for children to hear sounds and provides better conditions to meet developmental needs and the day-to-day challenges of growing up.

  • Upgraded OpenSound Navigator gives 360° access to sound

    At ultra-fast speed, the improved OpenSound Navigator continually rebalances the soundscape while providing constant access to all relevant sounds and speech.

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