How to use your hearing aids with a PC or tablet

Stream audio wirelessly from your PC or tablet for a quality sound experience

Whether music, audio or conversations – Oticon hearing aids connect with your PC or tablet for an immersive, quality stereo sound experience.


Connect your Oticon hearing aids to your computer or tablet and enjoy high-quality sound directly in your ears.

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Need help finding out? Check the Instructions for Use that came with your hearing aids, contact your hearing care professional or read our tips to find out


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Hearing aids with Bluetooth

Use Oticon ConnectClip to turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones and stream sound from your computer or tablet into your ears

With ConnectClip, your hearing aids become high-quality, stereo earphones and ConnectClip becomes your microphone.

If your computer or tablet does not have Bluetooth technology, you can use a USB dongle to connect your computer to ConnectClip.

Watch the handy ‘how to guides’ below for instructions on how to turn your hearing aids into headphones and transmit your voice clearly back through your computer or tablet using ConnectClip.

Got a question about ConnectClip?

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Hearing aids without Bluetooth

Stream sound from your computer or tablet into your hearing aids without Bluetooth

If your hearing aids come without Bluetooth technology, you can connect them to your PC, laptop or tablet using Oticon Streamer Pro.

Streamer Pro will need to be issued to you and paired to your hearing aids by your hearing care professional.

Then, you can connect Streamer Pro to your computer or tablet in two ways:

1. Wirelessly – if your PC or tablet has Bluetooth technology

2. Through a mini jack cable - if not

Find out more about streaming sound to your hearing aids with Oticon Streamer Pro here

How to pair Streamer Pro wirelessly to your computer with Bluetooth

Many computers and tablets have built-in Bluetooth technology, which facilitates the wireless connection between the device and Streamer Pro. You will need to pair the devices you want to use with Streamer Pro to stream sound wirelessly.

Watch this quick guide to find out how:

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How to pair your PC or tablet with Streamer Pro using Bluetooth technology

Have trouble with Bluetooth pairing? You can also connect your computer or tablet with Streamer Pro via a mini jack cable or using a Bluetooth dongle.

See below for details.

Want to connect Streamer Pro to your PC or tablet without Bluetooth?

Many computers have built-in Bluetooth technology; however some still rely on alternative methods to transmit sound to headphones.

If you are looking to connect Streamer Pro to your computer or tablet without Bluetooth technology, there are two ways to do it:

1. by connecting Streamer Pro to your device using a mini jack cable

2. by installing a Bluetooth dongle (such as Sennheiser BTD800 USB dongle) on your device, and then pairing it with Streamer Pro

Watch these quick visual guides for more information.

*Make sure you read the dongle’s manual carefully before installation: it’s likely to go into pairing mode as soon as it’s been inserted into the USB connector.  Also make sure Streamer Pro is in pairing mode prior to inserting the dongle.

Got a question about Streamer Pro? Need more support?

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