How to use Oticon ON

Now you can control your hearing aids from your smartphone using the Oticon ON app.

The Oticon ON app is compatible with all Oticon Bluetooth® hearing aids and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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Oticon ON gives you extra control over your hearing aids from one simple dashboard on your phone

  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aids

  • Switch seamlessly between programmes

  • Check the battery level

  • Locate your hearing aid if you lose it

  • Control sound from Oticon TV Adapter, ConnectClip and EduMic

  • Fine-tune audio you are streaming to your hearing aids – for a personalized listening experience

  • Stream conversations directly into your ears with the remote microphone function*

  • Take control of your hearing health with HearingFitness™

  • Get connected to the ‘Internet of Things’ with IFTTT

*Available for Apple devices only


Ready to use Oticon ON?

These handy video ‘how to’ guides will help you access
and use all of Oticon ON features.


Oticon hearing aids with IFTTT compatibility come with features that can support your hearing – and many other aspects of your life


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These short visual guides will help you get connected with the
‘Internet of Things’ using Oticon ON.

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