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Learn how to connect your hearing aids

More specifically, we are talking about connecting your hearing aids to the devices you use in your everyday life. This can really elevate your experience: whether you’re listening to music, watching television or speaking on your mobile phone.

Hearing aids today offer very advanced technology– and this comes with the opportunity to connect to music players, televisions and different sources of sound. An accessory may be required for some connections. We will identify these where relevant. 


We have developed the Oticon ON app for your smartphone to help you in your daily life with hearing aids. The app lets you adjust volume, locate your hearing aids if they go missing, check the battery status, connect to your television – among a long list of useful functionalities. 


ConnectClip can help you in situations when hearing aids alone are not enough. The ConnectClip works as a small microphone that, for example, your spouse, friend or a speaker at a conference can wear. The sound is picked up by the ConnectClip and streamed directly to your hearing aids. 

Read more about the ConnectClip here


If you have an iPhone, you can already hear the voice on the other end of the phone directly in your hearing aids using Bluetooth. You just need to make sure your hearing aids are paired with your iPhone.

Your hearing aids do not, however, have a microphone in them. So, there are two ways of ensuring that the person on the other end of the line can hear you clearly:

  • Acquire and use a ConnectClip, which serves as an external microphone
  • Or hold your phone close to your mouth


Visit this link to learn more about the benefits of connecting your phone to your hearing aids – and how to do it.

In most cases, hearing aids are enough to pick up the sound from televisions clearly. However, if you find that you are still struggling to hear the sound from your television, you can get a TV adapter, which will transmit sound directly to your hearing aids.

Learn more about how to stream sound from the TV directly to your hearing aids here.


We hope the information here will help you get connected and enjoy a better experience from doing the things you love.