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Here is how Hans got his hearing – and social life – back

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We often talk about the magical impact of getting your hearing back. It has a profound effect on people’s lives that goes beyond simply experiencing sounds.


Two people who can attest to this are married couple Hans and Kissy van Prooijen. Hans had struggled with hearing loss for 25-30 years before deciding to get fitted with Oticon hearing aids. When talking to Oticon prior to Hans’s consultation, Kissy explained that her husband’s hearing loss has taken its toll on her as well.

“It affects me socially. Hans often says no to invites and withdraws into himself. It is very emotional right now. I look forward to him participating again.”

Hans’s hopes matched those of his wife.

“I expect to get better hearing. That’s what all of us deaf people hope. I expect to have a more stable life, where my hearing level is more consistent and doesn’t fluctuate as much. And I have great expectations that in future I will be able to be more sociable.”

Watch Hans and Kissy’s story here – from the first fitting to two months later – and hear how he not only got his hearing back but also his social life.



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