Oticon Showcases Groundbreaking New Technologies in the New Oticon Opn S™ at 2019 American Academy of Audiology Conference

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Oticon Opn™ created a paradigm shift that opened up a world of sound for people with hearing loss. Now, discover how Oticon again breaks with traditional technology to take the open sound experience and the unique benefits of BrainHearing™ to the next level with two revolutionary new technologies on display at Oticon exhibit (#1012) at the 2019 American Academy of Audiology Conference. The annual gathering of hearing care professionals from around the world takes place March 27 -30 in Columbus, Ohio.

New Oticon Opn S™ breaks a law of physics with revolutionary feedback prevention technology that prevents audible feedback without sacrificing audibility* to ensure more successful and satisfying hearing aid fittings. With Oticon Opn S, users can experience speech understanding in difficult listening situations at the level of people with normal hearing.** A powerful new platform with an upgraded OpenSound Navigator™, new OpenSound Optimizer™ and astonishing processing power (56,000 times per second) unleashes the full potential of the open sound paradigm.
A new rechargeable option - Opn S miniRITE R – offers a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion solution that delivers a full day of power, including streaming, with a quick overnight charge.***

“With Oticon Opn S, we introduce a new way to ensure unseen levels of stable amplification, preserving 30% more speech cues than in our renowned Oticon Opn,” says Thomas Behrens, Chief Audiologist, Oticon. Traditional hearing aids often manage unpleasant feedback by either reducing gain or providing a more closed fitting that provides more gain but reduces comfort. Such gain reduction happening many times throughout the day results in poor sound quality and a loss of audibility. This typically happens in dynamic situations, such as when you chew, talk, drink, drive in your car, stand close to a hard surface or wear a hat. In fact, there are strong indications that these situations make up 20-50% of a typical day and are among the most challenging for traditional hearing aid technology, causing constant “ups and downs” on gain reduction, often one reduction after another. “With Opn S, we can provide optimal gain according to the prescription decided by the professional,” explains Behrens. “That’s what makes Opn S that much better than Opn. In fact, 96% of Opn users prefer Opn S to Opn.”

Also in play at the Oticon exhibit is Oticon Opn Play™, a new child-friendly hearing solution that improves speech understanding in simple and complex listening environments and provides access to multiple speakers, without reducing environmental sounds important to incidental learning and safety. The powerful new Velox S™ platform, Oticon’s fastest and most advanced platform ever, fuels Opn Play with unprecedented computation power and innovative, breakthrough technology to provide children with the best possible conditions to grow, thrive, live and learn.

Quick Solutions Presentations by Oticon audiologists, offered daily during exhibit hours, give conference participants an opportunity to gain knowledge and earn CEU credits. The 15-minute mini-learning modules provide insights into a variety of topics including: Improving Fitting Success with Even More Patients; Empowering Patients to Take Charge of Their Listening Needs; and A State-of-the-Art Rechargeable Solution.

Throughout the conference, Oticon will sponsor a number of Special Events that focus on a variety of topics including Pediatric Audiology, Next Generation Open Sound Experience, Next Level of BrainHearing™ and Upgrades to OpenSound Navigator™, and Verifit®LINK – Integrated and Automated Real-ear Measurements in Oticon Genie.

For more information on Oticon hearing solutions, including the new Oticon Opn S and Opn Play please visit www.oticon.global

* for best practice fittings with prescribed amplification
** Juul Jensen 2018, Oticon Whitepaper, Oticon Opn S1
*** Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behavior.

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